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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink - An Update

Wow.  What a long time it's been.  I'm utterly embarassed.  I'd like to say I have an excuse for waiting so long.  But I don't.  All I can say is life got in the way.  And the fact that I didn't have any pictures of our new wall color.  Sad isn't it?  We've been in the house 6 months now and I have no "after" pictures.  That is possibly because we are still settling in.  And there's still so much I want to do.

Ready for the reveal?

Now the focus of this picture is two lovely children.  Who can resist taking pictures of their kids when they are hugging?  My husband is one.  He took this picture and uploaded it to facebook.  I was smiling and thinking about how flippin' cute my kids are when it hit me.  You can see the new paint color in the background.  And, you can also see the arch that we have not painted yet.  So, it's a new/old paint shot all in one.  Perfect for the blog that needs updating......from 2 months ago. Agh.  I will do better.  I will do better.  I will do better.

Ignore my lovely knee which my lovely husband tagged in the facebook version.  Silly man.  But if you look in the upper right side of the picture you can see the brown/pink comparison. 

But don't look any further to the right. Don't you dare try to guess what's on my dining room table.  And please don't notice the tricycle. At least it's not a motorcycle.  Don't remember that story?  Maybe it was only a facebook story.  That was a good one.

Back to the post at hand.  The color we chose was actually the 3rd one in the other post.  The sample did not look at all like the finish product.  It was very shiny up until it was completely dry.  I was a tad freaked out.  But it all worked out.  I love the new color. Much better than the pink.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


When we first saw what would become our home, we  knew immediately the living room would have to be painted.   The owners had painted their living room a dusty, rosy, salmony pink.  It. was. awful.  To make it worse, they paired the wall color with red furniture. 

We wanted to paint the living room before we moved in.  The weekend before we closed, we went to Home Depot and bought paint samples and supplies.  We arrived at closing with paint samples, brushes, plastic sheeting, trays, etc so we could get the hideous color off our walls quicker than the ink could dry from our 452 signatures. 

Side note: When I changed my name, I surely didn’t plan on having to sign that entire name multiple times in one sitting.  I couldn’t decide which name to drop, so I just added my husbands at the end.  Four names.  Each time.  Each page. 


Now onto the pictures.  Here’s the before with our paint choices. 


Next up – the finished product.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growing Up

Today is Darby's last day in his class.  He has been transitioning all week to the next class above him.  Tomorrow will be his first full day in the preschool class.  So, what will Mr. Darby be doing in his new class?  Potty training full time, drinking out of regular cups (ie no lids), and going to the cafe to eat.  This new class also follows a schedule with more educational goals.  I know Darby is ready to move up.  His vocabulary has just exploded.  He has been using two word sentences for a while now.   He loves flash cards.  And he absolutely loves colors.  He is more than happy to point out all the different colors - redt, lellow, buu.  I love the way he says orange.  I wish I could spell it how he says it.  Just imagine saying orange with a French accent. 

I had our promotion conference with his current teacher and new teacher. I was happy to hear how well behaved he is at school.  I got a little insight to his days at school. Apparently he saves his temper tantrums for his father and me.  I learned he also answers to "Barbie."  His favorite meal is pizza.  And he naps without issues (at school).  It's interesting to me to compare his school life with his home life.  I can watch him online at school, but it's different hearing your child's teacher describing him.

Isabelle is also doing well at school.  Both of my children are shy, but she is my gripped-by-fear-I-can't- talk child.  She has finally started talking to her teachers on her own.  She has made friends with her classmates and always has stories for me.  Her personality has continued to blossom.  She most definitely has opinions of her own and isn't shy to express them to those who she is comfortable with.

Her most favorite friend lives just down the street.   We are super lucky to have great friends who live in our neighborhood.  Their daughter, Alina, and Isabelle hit it off immediately.  Every day I'm asked if Alina can come over or if we can go to Alina's.  These two play so well together.  Most of the time they gang up on Darby. 

I love watching my kids grow up and develop their personalities.  It's very bittersweet.  Time goes by so fast and they will be grown before I know it. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Box

I have a box.  From the outside, it's just an ordinary shoe box.  To be specific, it's a J. Crew shoe box.  Very nondescript.  I haven't seen this box since it was packed in July 2009.  I knew where it was each time we moved.  I knew exactly which box contained my box.

When we moved to our home in December, I put my box in my closet.  It was still inside the other box, but I knew it was there.  I was comforted the box was close to me.  But I wasn't ready to open it until tonight.

After the kids had their baths and everyone was down stairs, I opened the box.  I took out those letters.  I read them.  I read about the weather in Alabama back in 2000 and 2001.  I read about mowing the grass, putting up jelly and going to church.  And I cried. 

These letters my not seem like much but they are precious to me.  My MawMaw wrote these letters to me when I first moved to Dallas.  I miss her. How I would love to have another letter.  Another conversation.  Another visit.  And I miss her more knowing my kids will never know her. 

I have stories and memories to share with my kids as they get older.  Isabelle has my old Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag.  And I can't walk by a Cabbage Patch kid without thinking of her and Shawna, my first CP kid.  I remember the story of how she had to go to battle to get the "it" toy that Christmas.
I remember spending the night with her and baking cookies.  I'm thankful to have her old recipes - many of them handwritten.

I look back and see how precious that relationship was.  I was her only granddaughter.  I was pretty special to her even though I didn't realize it at the time. And now that I have kids and my parents are  grandparents, I want to make sure my children have that wonderful relationship with their grandparents.  I know it will be harder being far away.  But it will happen. I am determined.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Darby = Two

Hard to believe my baby is two.

First Birthday


Friday, January 6, 2012

Still Here

Yes, I'm still here.  Yes, I'm still blogging.  But you wouldn't know that by reading my blog.

I still have picture to get from my camera.  The same pictures I talked about in my last post plus every picture taken since.  I'm behind.  Way behind.  I could tell you all my excuses (moving, Christmas, JC & Gucci visit, etc) but who wants to hear them.

I'm not going to commit to a specific date for pictures.  But I do promise to have pictures soon.

I love being home.  In our home.  Our forever home.  We've painted.  And we're trying to make it ours.  But I am most happy about removing all boxes from my life.  Except shoe boxes.  Need those for my shoes. 

Unpacking has been different this time.  We are unpacking EVERY box this time.  Our last 3 moves we only unpacked necessities.  This time everything is coming out of the box and going somewhere in this house. 

Unpacking has been quite emotional.  I've found a lot of memories in my boxes.  I stumbled across a box of pictures.  These pictures were packed in July 2009.  I hadn't seen them since.  They were various pictures of my family through the years.  I was sharing them with Isabelle.  She pointed out Granddaddy and MawMaw Dorothy.  I showed her another picture of Granddaddy.  This one was from a while ago and MawMaw (my grandmother) was in it.  Isabelle argued with me over that one.  She didn't quite get it. 

I also found our wedding pictures.  I guess now I can finally have some framed and put on the walls (6+ years later).  Same for pics of the kids.  I found the picture of Gucci playing with his washtub.  It's exciting but bittersweet. 

We are home.